Dermatologist Appointment for Contact Dermatitis? Totally Not Necessary

I have a skin condition called contact dermatitis. Which is really a broad term that can look like a lot of different things but at the end of the day, it is always just ANGRY skin. Here's my story... Three and a half years ago I got married and moved in to a crappy apartment [...]

Winter Evergreen Urns

Winter Evergreen Urns

Christmas is a special time for so many people. But for a 90's girl... it's OVER-THE-TOP special. Millennials in general have this label of being nostalgic. But hey... that's one label I'm not ashamed to own. Who doesn't love the feels?... Especially this time of year!   Here's another label to throw at you: Self-absorbed. [...]

Digestive Enzymes for Baby

Before I was pregnant I knew almost nothing about having a baby. Lucky for me I had plenty of experienced mom-friends (a.k.a. online discussion boards) to mentor me up to the job. Like any mom, when it came to finding items to add to my baby registry, I read just about every list of baby [...]