Winter Evergreen Urns

Christmas is a special time for so many people. But for a 90’s girl… it’s OVER-THE-TOP special. Millennials in general have this label of being nostalgic. But hey… that’s one label I’m not ashamed to own. Who doesn’t love the feels?… Especially this time of year!



Here’s another label to throw at you: Self-absorbed. Yes, that one’s us too. Which maybe explains why I was so intrigue by an article about, well essentially, myself.  It kind of stuck with me too because it connected the dots in a way I never thought of before. And it made a lot of sense. The main point is that for those of us growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, technology has changed so rapidly throughout our childhood and teen years and it’s never slowed down since.


We vividly remember a time before the Internet, but now can’t imagine our lives without it. Our cellphone today looks nothing like our phones 10 years ago, and computers that used to be tied down to desks are literally the size of a paperback book.  So what does that all translate in to for Millennials?…

Well, I think it explains why we tend to hold on to so many things from our past; because we know that just around the corner is something shiny and new to make us forget all about our current obsession. But forgetting the old and moving on so quickly to something new also makes us feel that we are growing older and it’s all out of our control.


Kind of makes you wonder if things never slow down, can we ever go back to the good ol’ days?

Well yes we can. Because Christmas! That’s why! Christmas is the time for tradition, and tradition brings us back to a time when things were simpler. Maybe back in the 90’s we couldn’t queue up our customized Christmas playlist on Spotify, but we did get to relish in all the excitement of waiting to unwrap the new [insert boy band] CD on our list. And nowadays we may have the advantage of knowing the terror of gluten, but back in the day, we were perfectly happy eating a plate full of our favorite Christmas cookies without sparking a single conversation on food sensitivities. Now doesn’t that sound great?!


This Christmas I’m going back to my roots and am DIY-ing my own holiday decor. Let me inspire you with this year’s theme…. *ahem*….. “Department store decadence on a paper snowflake budget.”  It’ll be wonderful, I promise.

First up…  Winter Evergreen Urns


Here’s what I used…

Plastic Urn

Mine was left over from Christmas years ago, they still make similar ones (in a better color = major plus)

The height of mine is 10.5 inches

The diameter is 7 inches



Evergreen Sprays

To my husband’s shock and horror, I used real evergreen bows from the arborvitae in my yard… but really they are overgrown and needed to be thinned out anyway.

But if you’re a) gun-shy when it comes to cutting your own trees or b) don’t have any evergreens, you can get an artificial pine & pinecone spray or an artificial frosted cedar. Personally I think the two mixed together would be fabulous!




Poinsettia Silk Flower

Again, half-off at Hobby Lobby, but they are a staple at every and any craft store around Christmas time. I love the non-committal taupeish-silver-bronze color that goes equally great with silver, rose gold, and yellow gold accents.




I used four stems of berries in each urn. I used a mix of pearl white and silver glitter berries. Mine were half off at Hobby Lobby.

Or use ones like these that are already a combination of both white and silver.


Icicle Branches

There are so many great options for icicle branches. Next arrangement I do I’m trying out the kind with LED lights. Like these!  You can also make your own icicle branches by painting/dabbing on regular glue to one stem at a time and then then sprinkling on clear vase filler beads.


Step 1:

Stuff the base with a filler. You can, of course, use floral foam (if you don’t like a lot of bang for your buck), or styrofoam if you have some laying around, but for something that’s only stuffed inside something else, I much prefer the cost-effect plastic grocery bag. You can get them here.

… Just kidding!

But seriously, if you don’t have any plastic bags laying around, tissue paper also works great.

Step 2:

Once you’ve created a snug fit for the stems, stick in your branches. Depending on your specific branches, it might help to bundle them with twine or wire. My urn has a hollow tube in the center so I just wedged them right in. No brainer there.


Step 3:

Start in the back and add the evergreen branches. If you are using live ones, place them at an angle slightly less than 90 degrees. As they dry, they will “relax” a little bit and you don’t want them to look sad and droopy by Christmas!

Step 4:

Add the berries and the flower and WOAH-LA!


Although I may be partial to believing that 90’s kids do Christmas better, when I think about my little boy experiencing Christmas in the 2020’s, I’m sure the magic will still be there for him. After all, he will never have to know a time when the movie “Elf” is not a Christmas classic, Alexa will constantly set the mood with our favorite Christmas songs, and Amazon Prime will never fail to make sure there are presents under the tree (on time!!).







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