I’m a Millennial!20171212_205319

Chances are… so are you! I’m also a new-ish mom learning to make my way through the
day-to-day challenges of momhood. But my goal isn’t just to get by… oh no,  I try to hold onto and enjoy all the little things too, because (as the moms tend to say) “it goes by so fast!”

My favorite thing in life is mornings and everything else about them: (in no particular order) Scooping up Baby H from his crib and seeing the sheer excitement on his face when he realizes it’s really me. The first few sips of coffee. My full face of makeup actually staying put… for now. My husband and I having a real conversation and making plans for later that never actually happen. And above all, the best part is that for a quick second we’re all together and hopelessly optimistic about the next 10 hours of our day.

When it’s not early morning at home, I’m working in the special events industry.

I am mildly crafty, not so sciencey, but reasonably frugal, resourceful, and if prettifying things was a legitimate job skill, I would list that too.

I’m glad you’re here so we can share our love of motherhood and enjoy being millennials together.